About The Times Table Tales


The Times Tables Tales Book

‘The Times Table Tales’ were written by Joy Ambrose.

Joy has worked extensively with children and found that they responded enthusiastically to using rhymes and song as a way of remembering facts.

She created all the rhymes to help children remember their times tables and set each rhyme to well known songs such as ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’.

The new animated version of The Times Table Tales, which is available as a download, was created from the art work and rhyming stories in Joy’s original book.

All the tales are based on the exploits of a family of mice who help a little girl called Jenny learn her times tables.

Each tale follows the same pattern which helps reinforce learning.
Grandma Mouse always starts each tale with a verse about the first two numbers in a times table.

This is followed by followed by sets of verses featuring Grandpa Mouse, Mother Mouse, Father Mouse and the two children, Monty Mouse and Mona Mouse.


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the rhyming songs and the animated videos.